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About Advantage Pest Services

David McNeece is a Rankin County boy who's been in the pest business since the 80's. As strange as it may sound, David is passionate about killing termites, roaches, ants, spiders and mosquitoes!

For years, he worked with the big pest companies before starting Advantage Pest Services, Inc. Starting this business allowed David to bring a personal touch to what he loves doing. David stands behind his work and wants to see all of his customers happy and bug-free. If you do business with Advantage, you'll always have quick access to David. You won’t be calling and dealing with an answering service; instead, you’ll be talking to the David or someone on the APS team with many years experience in the pest control industry.

When he is not out terrorizing bugs, David can be found hunting or fishing spending time with family or playing the bass.

Call 601-540-0814 and talk with David about your pest control needs. You'll find out how good it is to have the Advantage!


Let Advantage Pest Services perform a no-obligation, complementary pest and termite evaluation for you today!

"We've used several others for routine service since buying our home near the Reservoir, but Advantage is by far the best. I highly recommend them."

John Y.

Brandon, MS