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Advantage Pest Services offers high-quality pest control services in Madison Mississippi. We also service Brandon, Flowood, and Pearl areas. We are the eliminating factor for the many crawling invaders that assault your home. "Bugs Must Die" is our mantra and we specialize in termite control, roaches, spiders, mosquito treatments, and ants for commercial and residential properties.

As Madison Mississippi's best pest control company, we provide a quality service experience to our customers with a personal touch that sets us apart from the competition. We can customize your quarterly, or in some cases monthly, service to meet your individual needs. One-time service options are also available. Our goal is to protect your biggest investments, your family, and your home.

Exterminator Madison MS

Since the early '80s, we have been the Madison MS exterminators of choice, providing our customers with A+ rated pest extermination services! If insects ever try to rise up and take over humanity, we are going to be in some serious trouble. The pests would surely want to get their revenge on Advantage Pest Services for all of the pain and suffering we have caused their kind. We built our reputation as a pest control service and exterminator by doing an excellent job at an affordable price, all while bringing smiles to our customers. This simple concept has been central to our business and, we believe, essential for our success.

We serve homes and businesses throughout Madison County and Rankin County. The need for pest control is an unavoidable fact in Mississippi, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look forward to a guy in a uniform coming to your house and executing every insect that dares to show its buggy face. No matter where you live in Central Mississippi, everybody has to deal with bugs. We enjoy what we do and enjoy helping our customers by assessing the pest control problem, devising the best ways to deal with it, and methodically eradicating it. There is no project too big or too small for our Madison MS pest control service. We tailor our methods to fit the unique needs of each customer’s situation.

Are you looking for a professional, reliable pest exterminator in the Madison MS area? Call Advantage Pest Services today at: 601-540-0814



Let Advantage Pest Services perform a no-obligation, complementary pest and termite evaluation for you today!

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Termite Inspection & Control Madison MS

Termites are a major threat to the integrity of our homes. They feed on wood, which means they can compromise any structure... including the ones, you've worked hard for! That is why exterminators advise termite protection as soon as possible before these pests cause more damage than good with their destructive tendencies.

In order not only to prevent yourself from experiencing unwanted problems but also to avoid costly repairs in future years due to extensive damages caused by certain types of insects that specifically love eating away at everything in sight; I would recommend calling us for a termite inspection. What was once a sturdy Madison home is now rendered useless as an infestation turns its inhabitants into victims waiting in hope that someone else will come along with enough money and time to rebuild what was lost long ago.


Termite Inspection Madison MS


The termite is a terrible pest to have around. They can cause all sorts of havoc in your home, but it can be especially destructive when attacking wood and other materials like PVC or aluminum panels on the outside with plaster walls inside and ceilings; they'll eat through floors too! They'll eat away at cabinets in homes that have these types of construction choices for food sources such as books; cardboard boxes - and even paper products!

If you think termites might be crawling up into your home, look for signs of damage in the ventilation system. These pests typically enter homes through small tears or crevices where they can crawl under conditions without insulation value; this could explain why there are so many reports about them coming out near plumbing runs below ground level which leads to moisture accumulation near vents leading inside - that's what causes mold growth!

The last thing you want is an infestation of termites in your home. They're known for doing extensive damage and it's hard to identify the problem until after costly repairs have been made, but we can help! Our professional termite exterminators in Madison MS will come out once per month to limit any surprises that could possibly occur. Just peace of mind knowing everything’s being taken care of smoothly from start to finish is a huge comfort.

Mosquito Control And Extermination Madison MS

The idea of mosquitoes might make you want to curl up into a ball and hide. You're probably not excited about the thought, but in Madison and other Mississippi areas, these pests can be very bothersome! The subsurface feeders don't just bite - their bites leave behind itchy welts that never seem to go away or lessen until months later.


Mosquito Control in Madison MS - Mosquito Authority


The most important thing to remember about mosquitoes is that they are reservoir hosts for many tropical diseases. They can carry West Nile Virus, Malaria, and even eat you alive if your name happens to be Patient Zero! For us humans who can't stand the pesky mosquito, scientists have developed ways to get rid of these bugs. Professional Mosquito extermination treatment is usually an integrated effort that includes source reduction along with effective products when needed. We are experts in this area with years of experience.

Our company's goal is to reduce the overall number of mosquitoes in an area while ensuring that none are transmitting diseases. Our unique approach to mosquito control is the most effective and least invasive. We eliminate any potential breeding sites and target adult insects able to transmit diseases. We strive to make sure you're always protected.

Are you looking for a professional, reliable pest exterminator in the Madison MS area? Call Advantage Pest Services today at: 601-540-0814


Ant Extermination And Control Madison, MS

A new study on ants has shown that they are America's most widespread pest. This means that many homeowners will have had to deal with them in their lifetime. They may not pose a major problem for pest control as other insects like termites and roaches. However, they can cause serious damage to your home if they aren't controlled. The Carpenter Ant can eat through wood and make nests that could compromise the structural integrity of homes.

The fire ant comes next! They will attack an intruder if they see you disturbing a fire ant colony. It is possible for one individual to sting multiple times. This can make it very dangerous for small children and pets, who may not be as adept at avoiding them. Due to high levels of toxins from the insect's bodily fluids during their feeding, the venom causes intense burning sensations. This can result in welts on the skin and pustules where the sting was applied. Unfortunately, some people who have severe allergies may experience an allergic reaction that could lead to death.

Advanced Pest Services, a Madison Mississippi pest control company, has exterminator professionals who can help you get rid of these dangerous insects. It is a smart thing to call them to arrange a free inspection, consultation, and a free estimate. These businesses understand that safety and well-being is more than just a job.


Fire Ant Control Madison MS


Rodent Removal, Extermination, And Control Services in Madison MS

Rats are a food safety risk and a public health threat. They can contaminate 10 times more food than they consume, spreading bacteria and causing illness. In 36% of cases, hantavirus pulmonary disorder has been confirmed to be fatal in rodents.

They are known for their propensity to breed. Many breeds will mate all year to produce more offspring, which can be easily replaced in times of stress or famine. Males are attracted to females by pheromones, which attract them from a faraway place. An exterminator who offers rodent control services can be your answer.


Let Advantage Pest Services perform a no-obligation, complementary pest and termite evaluation for you today!

Professional Pest Control in Madison Mississippi and its Many Advantages

No one wants to live in an unpleasant place. That's why pests are such a nuisance- not only do they pose serious health threats, but pest problems can also cause structural damage and reduce the value of your home in Madison Mississippi - making it less appealing for you as well! If you’re tired of dealing with pests on your own, then it is time for Advanced Pest Services! Our pros use an array of extermination methods and treatments that will help resolve any pest problem. Our technicians know exactly how to get great results by giving customers peace of mind while resolving all issues quickly - maximizing productivity throughout the whole process so there's no need to worry or stress out about anything anymore!

Scheduling an inspection is a reasonable thing to do because protecting your family, property or business should never be mishandled. Pest control or pest management is not worth trying on one’s own; Hiring skilled Madison MS exterminators from Advanced Pest Services will ensure that all risks associated with this type of work are mitigated by professionals who have been trained extensively in both safety practices, as well as the using modern pesticides.

We know that pesky pests are a year-round problem and we can help you keep them out all season long! No matter what time it is or even how hot summer may have been, don’t let your pest control needs escape your mind. You have to realize there is ALWAYS an entry point for bugs inside our homes/businesses, which means they will eventually find their way in if preventative measures aren't taken by pros like us. Even during winter months when weather conditions make outdoor work difficult, critters still look towards entering buildings as shelter.

Your home is your sanctuary, and you should do everything in your power to keep unwanted guests out. That's why our Madison-based business location takes a holistic approach that offers customers various plans, so they can have their pest control needs met proactively - by monitoring locations around the clock! We're here for any critter who might be trying at getting inside. In the content below, we will show you how just how dangerous some common enemies like roaches, termites, spiders, and mosquitos can be.

How Pests Can Damage Homes and Businesses in Madison MS

The state of Mississippi is not immune to pest infestation. Pests can do serious damage that reduces property values and creates an unpleasant experience for homeowners. Were you aware that there are over 1500 different types of insects in Mississippi? When pests attack your home, they can cause major structural damage that may result in a decrease of its value as well an unpleasant living experience. The problem becomes even worse when you consider how many people avoid renting or buying a property because there is some kind of pest infestation present. In addition, their droppings contaminate surfaces with bacteria and mold spores and their urine causes moisture problems leading to rotten wood beneath floor coverings... Or even wallpaper peeling off from dampness in the walls.

The environment of your home plays a huge role in determining how you feel about it. If the air smells nasty like urine, or mold is growing on surfaces, this can create different types of anxiety for homeowners. This is because they're constantly worried that something may happen at any moment which fosters a lack of peace.

Health Risks Due to Pests in Madison

Without pest control, your home could be at risk for dangerous pests that carry bacteria and viruses. Rodents like mice or insects can transmit illnesses such as Salmonella poisoning from their droppings; Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) which is caused by rats urine & feces in air ducts--histoplasmosis when breathing dust contaminated with bird poop etc.; Lyme Disease- carried out by ticks who enter homes on animals active during warmer months; People also must take the threat of Chikungunya and West Nile viruses seriously. These diseases can be transmitted through mosquitoes, which are most prevalent during May-September (although cases occasionally happen outside these seasons); they're also likely to carry other pests such as fleas or bed bugs along with them when biting humans! Pest control is a service that many people take seriously. It's important to us, and we'll work hard for you!

The potential health risks associated with pests are endless. From allergies and asthma attacks to disease transmission such as hepatitis A or E Coli - these little creatures can cause just about any type of trouble you'd want them gone!


Let Advantage Pest Services perform a no-obligation, complementary pest and termite evaluation for you today!

Madison Mississippi Pest Control FAQ's

Advantage Pest prefers to maintain personal contact with its customers. We believe we are here to serve you and your Schedule not for you to serve ours as some of the competitors' Practice. We Will always contact you to schedule service and get feedback on what pest issues may be of concern.

No, As we get to know you, we can do the service if you prefer outside only, or inside according to your comfort level in trusting us in your home.

Cash, Check, or credit card.

Advantage Pest Just Celebrated its 10th year in Business. And I Have 33 years in the Industry and my senior pest tech Has 28 years in the field.

Yes, A Good Pest Program will reduce the number of spiders and other outside invaders by placing a perimeter of protection around your home as well as brushing down any loose spider webs on reachable eaves and in your garage and if you like, we will treat inside your home as well.

In Every Yard In Mississippi, There Are Likely Hundreds Of Thousands Of Termites. That may mean you have one to three different colonies in your yard.

In The Deep South, the question is not if you will get termites But When. Signs of termite activity may be seeing Several Winged Insects appear in your home in the Spring. Or soft spots appearing on your wall. Sometimes there will be dirt material appearing in a tube-like vein coming out of the wall.

It Is A Good Idea To have your home evaluated by an experienced professional.

The Winged Termites or reproducing alates are the members of the termite colony whose sole purpose is to fly into the air and find a mate and reproduce. When they show up in your home in large numbers, you have a termite infestation in your home.

These reproducers do not damage or eat your home, but when they are present, the other members of the termite colony are also present including the workers who can do significant damage to your home. Termites in the U.S. do more damage in dollars than fire, floods, and tornados combined.

Ants have two segments to their body and termite bodies are one section. Ants wings usually flair out to the side whereas termite reproducers' wings tend to lie straight down their bodies when at rest.

Yes, Cleaning Regularly helps control Many Pest Problems to a degree but you Could still become infested. At Present, The German Roach Population is Highly resistant to Pyrethroids, Which the only Chemical you can buy over the Counter.

If you are constantly spraying with whatever you picked up at the hardware store and it doesn’t work, it is time to call a professional.

Advantage Pest can treat your yard Monthly during the April- October Mosquito season by targeting the heavy Foliage where mosquitoes rest during the heat of the day and reduce their population by 80 to 90 percent in some cases.


Let Advantage Pest Services perform a no-obligation, complementary pest and termite evaluation for you today!


To protect what is most important to you - your family and your home in Madison, MS. With 30+ year of experience, owner David McNeece strives to provide courteous and effective professional pest control services to each and very customer.


If you refer a new customer to APS, we want to do something special for you to say Thank You! Be sure to tell your friends to mention your name when calling us.

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